What is the meaning of Autism?

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      Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Mostly new parents don’t have  idea what is the meaning of Autism and what it is all about until they experience the presence of it in their family. It is somehow be better to prepared or educate them in case they have encounter this disorder themselves. Early prevention and diagnosis are  really important.

Meltdown Autistic Child

 Autism is a Medical Disorder with neurobiological basis, most likely due to unusual connection within a Child’s brain. Autism is essentially disorder of relating and communicating. It is a developmental disorder-which means that the skills required for these interactions are not achieved when expected. Psychologist and therapist were looking for some answers on how to prevent Autism and cure it completely.

Unfortunately, nobody out there seems to find way to vanish and destroy it what ever source the ASD came from. There are some children who would take eighteen to twenty four months and it seems they have normal developmental growth. This normal development maybe followed when they lose communication and interaction skills and develop symptoms in the all core areas of ASD.

Autism or Kenner’s  Syndrome

Autism is a neurological disorder that features marked impairment in social interaction and communication, as well as restricted, repetitive pattern of behavior, activities or interest. It is often, but not always, accompanied by some degree of mental retardation. Autistic disorder is what most people think as autism, and it is called classical autism or Kenner’s Syndrome. Autism is often referred to as a “Spectrum Disorder”, anybody who has autism can be ranged from mild to severe condition. The usual and most common indicator to an autism diagnosis is when a child losses his ability and lack of interest in relating to people.

The diagnosis for a child who has Autism  disorder would not be possible until the child reach the age three, because he has some language skills. The diagnosis would only be started as long as his delay in social communication, learning issues, sensory-motor abilities are recognized. If the child has the mentioned  disorder his abilities and communicate with others would be affected.

Language problem and repetitive behavior

A child with ASD could have serious language problem but it can differ in every child. A child with ASD could have more or greater difficulty with language and he doesn’t process it accurately or understand . He may be receiving messages but what he does or say would not be making sense.

A child with autism has experiencing repetitive behavior. Unlike other child of his age who would explore himself to other toys around him .Variety of interest would not be possible to a child with ASD. He may over focus on certain toy or things that would be an early sign of repetitive behavior.

A child with ASD may have repetitive pattern. He may still be liked to play the same toy or things even when he grows up and became toddler. Even in watching TV or going other places he still focusing to find the same thing. A child with ASD can also have some unusual sensory response. For example, He may not answer when somebody call him and get no response.

He seems to be unaware of somebody calling his name but when the garage door opens, he is the first to jump and run towards the door and see who did arrive. He may have hearing every words you said to him but when you urge him to response he is repeating exactly the words you said. He may be eager to respond when you ask him to get something but when he comes back he is bringing not the thing you expected or it seems that he is loss in following instruction.

        Other information

There are a lots  of information we can get about sensory issues of an autistic child like Auditory (hearing) which we discussed earlier, also visual, touch (tactile), taste, smell and even the motor skills of an autism child. Some of these helpful information can be acquired and offered help link as to how to improve the sensory-motor response of an ASD child.

However, we are still hoping that someday there would be a time that this developmental problem would be part of the past and never again destroy our children’s future. Nowadays, the number of children affected by autism is staggering. Overwhelming questions from the people as to when can we stop autism were heard.

But as for the parents out there we all know that it is hard to accept it and most of the time it is frustrating to think about it. But we really have to walk through this road and do it hand in hand with our children.

Please watch the video below and learn what really autism is all about. Parents should really know about this disorder. If you are looking for more information and advice kindly click this link. For more inquiries or comments please write it down below and I will do my best to reply as soon as possible.


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    • Owain on October 16, 2016 at 9:02 am
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    Thank you for sharing this information. I have heard of autism but had not fully understood this until I read your post.

    Thank you for explaining the signs that show a child may have autism. I wouldn’t know myself what to look out for so it was very useful to know so that I can look out for it in my child.

  1. Hello Owain,

    I’m glad I could help. Thank you for reading and please share it to other parents also. Have a blessed day,

    • Jason on November 22, 2016 at 1:55 am
    • Reply

    Hi. Your page about autism is very informative. I think that a lot of people including myself never knew what autism really is or what its all about. I think this information will help a lot of parents and people in general that may have questions on the signs of autism and/or how you can get help if you have a family member that is diagnoses with it. Autism awareness is definitely a topic that should be discussed.

    1. Hi Jason,

      You’re right Jason, so many parents out there that doesn’t know what is autism. When one child has a sign of autism at an early age parents have no idea what they are dealing with and how it greatly affect their child’s behavior. It would be a relief somehow even a little, if they could find out sooner that way the child could undergo early age autism intervention procedure. Autism treatment at a very young age would very much benefit the child’s condition. Thank you for reading.

    • Jim on November 26, 2016 at 3:21 am
    • Reply

    Thank you for such an informative and well put-together website. There’s so much information here, it’s incredible. I live in a small town, and I know a couple that had an autistic son at least twenty years ago. Their commitment to him was just fantastic, and the mother worked so hard to put together a support group for other parents with autistic kids in the surrounding areas. When parents are committed to loving their child, no matter what, it’s simply amazing what can be overcome. Keep up your great work. God bless you.

    1. Hi Jim,
      Thank you for such a wonderful comment. I do hope that I could help some parents who are not familiar with this kind of spectrum disorder. So much things to be done. As a father who happens to have an autistic kid, I am also looking for some answers. Looking ahead for what the future might bring for our children who are suffering from this disorder makes me feel so sad. Let’s keep our hope alive through consistent prayer. Thank you.

    • Luke on March 4, 2017 at 4:31 am
    • Reply

    This is some great information about autism. It would be awesome if one day doctors and scientists could figure out the cause and do something to prevent autism. I’m sure it is very complicated since it’s a neurological disorder like you said. This would be very difficult to deal with if you had a child with autism so I applaud anyone who is going through this and keeping their hopes high.

    1. Hey Luke,

      Having one autistic person in the family is like getting yourself into a test of patience and courage. Giving us a long lasting patience to cope up with our son’s issues is truly a great reason to be thankful everyday. I would say we indeed need courage too because without it our hope have been gone long ago. These are the fruits of love that we have for our son, that no matter what he is we still care and always be there for him. I really pray and hope that someday the medical doctors and researches could find the cure for this disorder. Thank you for sharing your nice comment.

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    this blog offers feature based writing.

    1. Thank you for such a nice compliment.

  3. Just trying to offer some help on explaining what to learn about Autism. I have it in my family one of my son is autistic there is no way not to accept it but to move forward and don’t loose hope.

  4. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed reading.

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