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The Future for Kids with Autism- A big question among parents

Your child’s future is always your concern Since my son was diagnosed of having a developmental disorder or Autism, there was no days  that  completely  come  to pass without thinking about his future. So many questions had filed  up inside  my mind and all of  it ends to a single question ” What is the future might …

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What is the asperger syndrome?- Aspies another name for it

 Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) We always heard the term so called Asperger’s syndrome in related to a certain disorder but do we really know what is Asperger’s syndrome?  It  is often called also as  Asperger’s disorder, and mostly abbreviated as AS. Most people call it Aspie for short. A child with Asperger’s syndrome has limited sort …

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What is Atypical Autism?- resemble Asperger’s syndrome

What is Atypical Autism? Atypical autism is   commonly used to described a child whose symptoms resemble Asperger’s syndrome, but in reality it doesn’t meet the whole criteria, such as a behavior of a child with extreme obsessions but also has severe speech delay. It is also apply to people that has mix of normal features …

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