June 2016 archive

The support for children with autism- financially

Living with Limitation One of those primary concerns that a parents would encounter when dealing with the evaluation and treatment plan for their child is how to pay the program. Multidisciplinary programs are expensive and can spend a tens of thousand of  dollars per year. Financial support for children with autism will be the secondary …

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Cheap weekend break

There are few  ideas that a family could enjoyed and have fun together and at the same time it’s not costly but simple kind of activities to spend a few hours time outside your home. Especially nowadays that economy is so tight , spending much money is not really practical. After mass on Sunday, my family and …

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The autism treatment plan

Plans and program  for early intervention Early intervention  for autism child start with an intensive program or autism treatment plans and one-on -one meeting with the therapist.  These sessions of early intervention is the standard care for a child that have development disorder and it provides at the end an improved outcome. The only thing …

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