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Everyday Life with Autism

My son who is now turning fifteen years old within a few months but still not much improvement that I have seen  in him. He is still non-verbal, he can’t talk and the way he communicate if he needed or wanted something are through gestures of stare. He looks at me and made a sound …

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Autism Communication Disorder

Autism is considered to be a communication disorder. The communication problem of people with autism is vary defending on the person’s intellectual and social development. Some are unable to speak but others are gifted with rich of vocabularies and can be able to speak many topics as they pleased. Most  people with autism have little …

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Growing up Autistic – Where we go from here?

Now our son is turning 14 years old this coming December of 2017. Still , I haven’t seen much improvement    when it comes to his mental and behavioral development. We brought him to another ECG test hoping that we could see some changes , growing up autistic is something that we shouldn’t take for …

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