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Food Dietary Intervention for Autism

As quoted by most of the medical experts,  Autism did not caused by diet although individual with this disorder has some low level of tolerance or allergies to a certain food or chemicals. Medical findings have stated that some food although not specifically cause of autism may have or will contribute to behavioral problems of a child that has autism. A person with autism may have trouble digesting certain proteins such as gluten or casein.

A medical research that was conducted in the US have said that they found higher level of certain peptides in the urine of children with autism. A break down of this peptides is necessary to have the brain function and works the way it should be like normal.

If a child is consuming food with a lot of peptides and his body is not completely breaking down this peptides it  will cause to disrupt the brain function. Peptides from foods that contain gluten can be found in seeds of various cereal plants like wheat, oats, barley and protein from milk and dairy products.

However, most of the medical researchers and parents have believed that removing protein from the diet is the only way to prevent more  brain damages. Some medical experts have said that removing the gluten or casein food products from a child all at once would cause withdrawal symptoms.

Strong suggestion is to follow a doctor’s advice regarding this health diet issues. We all know that gluten and casein can be found to most of the common foods.

Searching for a gluten free foods would not be easy. However, parents who are interested to follow this kind of diet for  their children should consult a Gastroenterologist or nutritionist regarding this matter. These  medical practitioners would be working on  to prepare the diet plan design for their children.

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    • Jim on February 13, 2017 at 12:06 am
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    This is a very needful post. I for one, had no idea that a specific diet could help kids with autism. I think that we all are becoming more and more aware of how important proper diet is for all of us, and especially I suppose that would apply to persons with some sort of biological deficiencies. I’m sure there is a lot tom learn about this. Will you be continuing to publish more information on this subject?

  1. Hello Jim,

    Thanks for visiting my website, Yes I would add some more information about this article. There are lots of information covered by this information alone and I would like to share those to all the parents especially to those who have special children. Hopefully soon. Thanks again, have a blessed day.

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