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These are the updated information happening about Spectrum Disorder. Many people who gathered  themselves  in helping kids and parents  decided to pool in all the information they received, so that parents that have a children with special needs would acquire  knowledge or perhaps they will  learn the  latest advocate about autism.

A study made that Flu vaccines in pregnancy cannot be the caused of autism in children.

A recent study in Northern California that pregnant women after receiving a flu vaccines will not affect their child and cause autism. Within 24 weeks of gestation the researchers analyzed data of  196,929 number of children born from year 2000 through 2010 , a total number of 2,101 children (1.6%) were diagnosed with ASD. With that given percentage of children who has autism only fewer than  1% of the mother  has flu during pregnancy. They also find out that a considerably 23% of pregnant women who had received a flu vaccines.

It is also reported that neither influenza infection nor vaccination during the time of pregnancy were link to children being diagnosed with ASD. This was quoted by research team of JAMA Pediatrics. It is also reported and concluded by Lisa Croen of Kaiser Permanente Northern California that  their data shows no associations of influenza and autism during the women’s pregnancy. Following to this report, they encouraging women to get vaccinated while pregnant. A pregnant woman should not have serious infection during pregnancy because it will more likely to have a child born with autism even as per report that the overall risk of such findings remained minimal.

The pregnant woman having a flu or influenza is in high risk of getting premature labor and delivery and there is also a risk of birth defects in their babies as quoted by Dr. Loralei Thornburg of University of Rochester Medical Center in New York.  Furthermore, Dr.  Thornburg also suggested  that the pregnant women should take flu vaccine and don’t  have to worry about bad rumors . The data suggest that the vaccines are effective and it shows no risk in autism and other perinatal complications.


Computer Friendly Technology for Autism Children

Most of the time parents were having difficult time of understanding their autistic children about what he or she wants. Even sometimes through gestures and sign still no clearer way to communicate. For children that suffering for autism understanding through communication is often challenging.

However, with the help of the new technology they can be able to relate and communicate and even extend more to show their potential. Through the so called ” Hour of Code”, a global campaign launch by Microsoft intended to commit and help those specially abled children to have their access to computer science education. This campaign seeks to introduce coding and computational thinking in order to promote IT based technologies among those autistic children.

The technology promotes potential of such children and it doesn’t reflect as a threat to this disorder. Through this type of computer based technology, Adults or  children with autism can now do things by themselves without further supervision.

Through also the initiative of NGO Tamana,  an organization helping the cause of mentally challenged children they launched HOPE application designed to enhance cognition in children with autism. During the workshop, student would use Minecraft tools to build coding programs.

The objective here is to help such children learn more about social skills and self created task.  They will  learn in the workshop with the help of experienced special educators in  providing effective knowledge to this children and most of the assign task will definitely apply and learn it themselves.

Books and disciplined classroom are not really what they want to elevate their concentration level and potential, they need freedom from people around them. In the computer they hear and control sounds and can easily shut it down whenever they want it.






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    • Andrew G on January 22, 2017 at 4:14 pm
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    I am impressed because this makes a diffrenece for our youths who needs this type of way to communicate and learn to function in our same society. Without it, it seems the children with this condition would lose out on it. I appreciate the pictures you have inserted there really bring out the difference maker that this post highlights.

  1. Hello Andrew,

    Thanks for stopping by, I would like to create more info about autism awareness and I hope I could be able to do it frequently. The more information that I could put here the more number of people or parents would be interested of knowing about autism. Feel free to send me some info or article that you may know that way we could share it with them or perhaps we could provide information that would show them where to get help in case they have a question.

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