Behavior issues of autism

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Calm Down

A child with autism often sometimes have  a behavioral issues. Your child might have triggered her emotion from something that she  did not like or perhaps she wants to have something that was denied from her. Most of the time a child would mostly engage in aggressive behavior and is unable to stop, it is because fear and anxiety  maybe driving her or him  into this kind of mood.

It would probably a good advice to  those parents not to contribute anger or as much as possible do not add fuel to the fire. Control yourselves because anger and aggression would only lead into  a bad situation which you trying to avoid,  get mad and get hurt. Most of the time we could not think what is right when we are angry .

We get carried away with our emotions and practically at the end we did physically hurt somebody. Would you let  that happen to your child that has autism? , she  doesn’t really know what had happened. In her  state of mind she didn’t know what she was doing.

Put yourself together and hold your temper as much as possible avoid hurting your child just to show her some discipline. She probably would get scared somehow but at the end if you keep on doing that it would create friction on your relationship with your daughter. Instead of having herself be part of solving the issue  it would only worsen her behavioral  problem.


So whatever it was, either she is acting really immature or having aggressive behavior all you have to do is take a deep breath. Downplaying your tone of voice would somehow abate the anger or aggressive response of your child. It would also bring help into yourself in controlling the situation.

Moreover, put yourself in a relax mode and think an idea how to subside  the issue. It is easier to have thought about the situation first , what it triggers and how to resolve it . It would be nice to calm down your child and allow her to be part of solving the problem rather than getting yourself in and taking it on yourself. You are not the primary concern here , it is your child and what driving her behavior to go haywire. Look for the problem instead just like finding the missing link.

Take Necessary Action

Once the behavior issue has been identified, the next move is to plan a remedy to address the situation in case it happen again. When you had solved the issue and that plan was really effective, take down notes be sure you have listed all important thing that you have discovered recently . It will surely help out next time  especially in emergency situation.

This post was written based on actual experienced and would like to impart this information especially to those parents that have autism child that needs help and understanding.

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    • ches on October 2, 2016 at 9:02 am
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    A great piece of advice on how to cope with your autistic child’s behaviour. It is so difficult to control your own emotions when you have a child that is mis-behaving and I think it’s an issue of frustration for you and the child.
    There’s nobody better to give advice than those that have had, or are living in, these situations and who has had the experiences described.
    Magnesium deficiency commonly exacerbates childhood complaints and is something often overlooked. Kids today are given massive amount of calcium because their medic and/or food manufacturer advocates calcium, calcium, calcium. Calcium is in many foods, fortified by the food manufacturers, to our detriment. Too much calcium will give you a magnesium deficiency by default and much research is now showing its link with depression, anxiety, autism, ADHD, ADD and many other conditions, the list is endless! More than 10 million children and young adults are on anti-depressants in the US and 5 million are on a stimulant medication such as Ritalin because of psychiatric complaints.
    Whatever the childhood condition, magnesium is vital for a growing child and without it various complaints will ensue. Calcium is the contractive mineral whereas magnesium is the relaxation mineral. They have to be balanced to work correctly in the body. Lack of magnesium can lead to life-threatening conditons in later life, the most serious being cardiovascular diseases. Year on year excess calcium can slowly calcify around the body, settling in soft tissue such as the arteries and the heart. Thanks for the post! Ches

    1. Hello Ches,
      First of all, I would like to thank you for your nice comment. It shows that you have knowledge on some issues about autism. I’m glad to have known people like you who would like to extend their own view point. Feel free to email me ( if you want to share important articles about autism. Many parents out there are really in need of help on how they can deal with the autism issues of their children. Information that you had shared I know it does mean a lot for them. Thanks again.

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