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About Autism

The Autism guide- to improve the life of someone with Autism

Product :  Essential Guide to Autism Book Place to Buy: Price : $ 37.77 Guarantee :  Refundable payment within 8 weeks if the product is not what the buyer expected. My Rating : 8-9 out of 10 Finding a helpful information (Pros) The Essential Guide to Autism book review is an information that a …

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Autism help for Parents – information we should know

Proper diagnosis and treatment Early intervention is the key to give your children a proper treatments they deserved. All the help that a parents could get is very vital especially on their child’s condition, this page Autism help for Parents could basically give few information about autism and what to do next. Though evaluation process …

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Sensory toys for special need children

A story to tell  about one thing that my child really loves to play. After the CW MRI result given by the Texas Children Hospital which shows that our son is a probable carrier of the Autism disorder. We had found ourselves, me and my wife, to accept the truth willingly. That was really devastating …

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The early autism signs- a story to share

Our very own Special Experience with Autism Here is how we experienced and had seen the early symptoms of Autism of  our child. We, as a  parents we are not expecting that this situation would occur somehow in our family. Me and my wife were so moved by the situation that our son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder …

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What is Autism ?

       Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Autism is a Medical Disorder with neurobiological basis, most likely due to unusual connection within a Child’s brain. Autism is essentially disorder of relating and communicating. It is a developmental disorder-which means that the skills required for these interactions are not achieved when expected. Psychologist and therapist were  looking for some answers on …

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