Cheap weekend break

daddy and mommy at mayde park

Me and my wife

There are few  ideas that a family could enjoyed and have fun together and at the same time it’s not costly but simple kind of activities to spend a few hours time outside your home. Especially nowadays that economy is so tight , spending much money is not really practical.

Jericho and Jenalin at Mayde park

Jericho and Jennalin

After mass on Sunday, my family and I were decided to go to the Mayde park. We arrived to Dollar General store to buy certain things that we need including snacks, gatorade to keep us from hydrated, and some toys such as balls and  frisbee to play with.  All these things we bought cost us little. Since we had everything we need, we headed to the park it is just a few miles where we live.

  We are   all excited when we got there. My wife and our  two kids including our autism child, Jericho were smiling with joy when we get off our car and started to walk the trail that leads to the park. When we finally reach our destination, our children hurried to play on the playground. Later, my oldest child and I played Frisbee and football. Jericho played ball with my wife. Our youngest child and my oldest played tag for a few minutes.

At Mayde park on Sunday

My wife, Jericho and Jonathan

Later throughout the day, we all got tired and hungry so we began to get our snacks and drink gatorade. It was really hot outside so we rest for a few minutes before we resume playing. We had been in the park for a few hours and decided to go home after we gather our stuff.

Our children were exhausted but they were really happy they had a great time and they couldn’t  wait to go to the park again some other time. We have fun and we are looking forward to do it again. That was how we have spent our weekend together. It’s fun and really enjoyable but cheap. We call it “Cheap Weekend break”.

If you have some suggestion on how to make family close together and yet not much expensive please share or write your comment. Some families out there are also looking for a new ideas. Thank you.




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