Growing up Autistic – Where we go from here?

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Now our son is turning 14 years old this coming December of 2017. Still , I haven’t seen much improvement    when it comes to his mental and behavioral development. We brought him to another ECG test hoping that we could see some changes , growing up autistic is something that we shouldn’t take for granted . We hope for  something or some encouraging results that his doctor would   let us know.  His doctor needs to see the ECG result if he was having a seizure at night while he was sleeping.

As his parents we had told her about our new experience with Jericho, how he had  change his way of communicating and sometimes it was really hard to pacify him and tell him not to get upset. It was his doctor’s advice anyway to have  the test done since it has been 8 yrs since he took  the last one. So we went  back home and wait for the next appointment.

 After a week that  was early morning  when we headed to Texas  Children’s Hospital in Katy Texas . We had  our son’s name written down first on the patient list that day while we were waiting at the reception area . Jericho was just seating in the corner looking at us when  we talked to the nurse  and sometimes he was  looking through the window watching those  cars and trucks as they moving so fast in  the freeway. It seems for him it is just a regular day at the hospital maybe he doesn’t even know why we brought him there. 

After several minutes  the nurse called Jericho  for his  weight and blood pressure reading before heading up to  ECG room. We had him laid down on the bed and the nurse gave us some information as to what would occur during the test or how it is going to implement. It is not that detailed step by step but she told us to relax and nothing to worry about.

The nurse had attached some sensor pads to different parts of his body . Two pads went to both sides of his forehead, two on top of his head and the other two were on his chest. The nurse gave us information how the test would proceed. Every time Jericho hears the sound he needs to respond by saying yes.

Most of the sounds that were made Jericho had responded to them. Several sound were missed maybe because of Jericho’s lack of concentration. He was kind of uneasy and it seems that he wanted to go home at that moment instead. After the test is done, the nurse told us that the result would be given to Jericho’s doctor for final evaluation.

After a few days , we went back to his doctor. She has the report test that was made from the lab. She had mentioned  about the seizure and his  unusual behavior. The test had shown negative on any sign of  seizure. It was definitely not the cost of newest unusual  behavior of our son lately. 

At the end she recommended  us to have our son seen  by the behavioral therapist who are specialize in autistic behavior. Well, after that meeting we had faced ourselves a point blank wall again . Here comes another issue at first we know it is going to be costly on our part.

Stay tune for the next experience we are going to have. Surely it would cause us a bit of headache. Thank you for reading.



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