How to develop fine motor skills of your child?


What is fine motor skills?

It is the interactions of small muscles while moving , normally indicate the motion of hands and fingers at the same time involving eye coordination as well.  The moving or interaction of such parts of human body can be developed through fine motor skills,  that help also the growth of intelligence by being  more continuously productive through the entire stage of human development.

Fine Motor Activities

For those children whose fine motor skills are not fully developed can be hard to sustain the necessary needed signals to reach their brain. Most of the children like this are having a hard time of communicating and the daily activities like eating, dressing or  doing school homework  would be difficult to perform to some extent. By helping a child to navigate the daily routine activities will form a very important sensory touch connections and this could only be done through the fine motor activities.

Here are some Fine Motor Activities that a child can do;

  • Drawing using a battery operated vibrating pen-this would help in a way of producing additional tactile stimulation. The vibration from the pen would address and stimulate the sensory need.

  • Use a fingers to write letters on each other’s back, back of hand or tummy and guess each word or number without looking.

  • Drawing or writing using chalk

  • Erasing the chalk using fingers, elbows, paper napkin, socks or cotton balls

  • Playing with glue by spreading around the paper or cotton swab

  • Puppet play such as finger puppets, hands puppets and shadow puppets

  • Writing using clay such as play-doh with pencil or chopstick.

  • Coloring can also be used as fine motor skills but for those who were struggle in holding a crayon there are different size and sorts of crayon that can adapt to child’s need. Such as Triangular and rectangular shaped crayons, a jumbo or larger diameter crayon- where a child’s thumb can easily be put, finger tip crayons- that can slide right over the child’s finger.

  • Playing with Fidget toy basket- contain items that stimulate many senses for visual, auditory, tactile and oral motors ( by blowing toys). These are the toys like stretchy toy animals, glowing tubes, squeeze toys, wiggle toy snake, sticky buddies, whistles and hand clappers.




There are more Fine Motor Activities that were  not mentioned above. Part of those  were only specified to give parents a starting ideas about  the Fine Motor Activities that could help their children  to build life skills.


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