How to support a child with autism?-Spectacular Bond Review


Product: Spectacular Bond : Reaching the Child with Autism By Marion Blank

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Spectacular Bond : Reaching the Child with Autism By Marion Blank

This book is an excellent, practical guide on how to change the relationship with an autistic child – and the relationship that they have with other people.  The Spectacular Bond Program is a challenging reference book and will lead you to ask some tough questions about how to communicate or to  relate to your child, but it is surely the advisable way to teach him or her the basic knowledge  that they  need to access learning and life skills.

And it’s clear, practical and based on basic principles that make so much sense . It definitely help them to learn self-control, stop the stimming  that they’re using to shut out the world. The principles themselves are so simple and so clear that it’s worth reading and apply to your child’s sensory needs.

Developed by faculty at the Columbia University Medical Center, Spectacular Bond  is a unique home-based behavioral intervention designed for children with autism. Within a few weeks, significant improvements in behavior can be achieved, including more meaningful social interaction, diminished temper tantrums, reductions in “stimming,” and greater capacity for self-control and sustained attention.

 The core of the program is reflected in its title – Spectacular Bond. Through a detailed step-by-step plan, the program sets out to reframe the parent-child bond–a relationship that typically “runs on auto pilot” but is seriously affected by autism. By bringing the intricacies into consciousness, the parent can remold the interaction to create a spectacular bond that transforms the life of the child and all members of the family.

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