Sensory toys for special need children


A story to tell  about one thing that my child really loves to play.

After the CW MRI result given by the Texas Children Hospital which shows that our son is a probable carrier of the Autism disorder. We had found ourselves, me and my wife, to accept the truth willingly. That was really devastating diagnosis result and our little hope have finally faded away.

However, as the days went  by we noticed that our son  loves to play something unusual. It was not really a toy  but the thing that was making noise attracts his attention, Push and pull, back and forth motion the way it works. Yes, it is use normally for cleaning around the house, a vacuum cleaner.

Whenever I use the vacuum he was there staring at it as if he found a very nice toy. I have noticed that he wanted to watch the repetitive stroke, push and pull of the handle of the vacuum as I was using it.

There was  an instance that  I have tried to divert his attention by giving him other toys that way I could clean and put up the vacuum. But the problem is  he had refused to have another toy, he doesn’t want me to take it away from him. I have manage to hide it from him when he was not looking but it did not last  long. After  a few minutes  we heard his voice  crying so loud all over the house.

His habit of playing with vacuum continued no matter where we went, at our friend’s house the first thing he would do is to find the place where they hide their vacuum. Even at the airport sometime ,he played the vacuum of the housekeeping guy that made him stop of what he was doing. All of these were part of his growing up, even sometimes it’s embarrassing when people saw us trying to calm him down whenever he was out of control.

However, we found some nice advice  about what kind of toys he should have that can develop his  social interaction and improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Some of the  information that can help can be obtained through reading books about autism, search the web and join groups that can also relate to autism.

Moreover, we encourage those parents out there who were seeking some help, never give up for the sake of your child’s future. Below are some examples of toys that can help develop your child’s sensory needs that you can view easily.  Some website link about autism can also be found through www.Nationalautismresources.com or modelmekids.com .I hope you will  find this post helpful. Please Leave comment below for suggestion and encouragement.

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