Special Education for Autistic Children


Education for Autism

Early interventions program are available  for children with autism as early as age three and this what they call a Special Education for Autistic Children.  If they are more than three years of age, preschool and school programs are also  available. For all parents who has children with autism should contact the local school district for information regarding the programs.

Furthermore,  parents of an autistic children should reach help from local school. Ask the child’s teacher or any current  school adviser about an Individual Educational School Program (IEP).  School teachers should know this IEP program and they would be able to explain it more if not in a broad details perhaps a slight information will help until the parents get to the right people who are specialize on this matter.

Early Assessment on Autism

Early childhood assessment  identifies early learning and developmental problems in pre-school and primary grade children. It is used and apply for a certain condition where the fair identification  of developmental problem is needed.

An individual evaluation is normally  part of  defining the case of a child and for having to consider a child in IEP program. Educational evaluation may involve and perform academic test, assessment of performance in academic areas and observation.

Home base behavioral analysis and speech therapy programs are usually funded by school district but it would take a lot of efforts and time to convince the school district to provide that kind of services.

Early Intervention Program

Early Intervention Program is one of the program available under IEP. This is a program that identify and provide intervention for infants and young children who are developmentally delayed or at high risk of school academic failure. The said program helps the child to develop his mental process and prevent more problems in the future through   help of parents and medical social services.

Pre-school activities that would be implemented as the child went through the program include developing fine motor skills, awareness of sounds, visual analysis, thinking and social skills, communication and language development.


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