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 Autism Issue

Autism and family relationship seems needed to discuss with among those people who can relate what was going on inside their  family. Sometimes you really needed  a shoulder to confide on with all the issues and problems that the whole  family had encountered. Affecting every little thing even when you tried to divert your attention to other things  but still it would  bring you back and make you face  the same real and  actual issue in which you knew from the start that there is no other way  of getting away from it.


You have a  child with autism disorder  he seems look fine the way he played games in the computer , eating food,  watching TV or even doing simple things around inside the house like putting  the trash away , get the vacuum and clean the  room with  your  eyes on him. Those such things that he did seems natural and you might say there is nothing wrong with him and it could have been perfect if he would respond completely with utter words and not repeating the words that you just said.

When you talk to him, he would just look at you. You were trying to communicate with  him hoping that he could talk back and say something that is newer  to your ear. But he did not, what word you just  said is the same  word you will hear from him when he respond   but indistinct. Even when it’s time to eat lunch or dinner normally having  everyday routine when you call him  to come to the dining table. If he is not really up to it,  he will make some strange voice and acting crying perhaps as if  he was trying to say that he wanted to play instead.

When you insisted things to him like what you want him to do  he would even create more  noise, kick the chair or sit on the floor and stamp the carpet with his foot many times. He was doing these  to get your attention , the same as saying he doesn’t like what you asked  him to do. And if you act against it like pretending your mad. I bet it will not work. You just release the tantrum disorder out of him and that begins your misery on that day.


Oh what a day, I know the feeling because I’ve been there that was exactly how I feel. Unseen hope, like a road that  has no end, no exact place to hide neither  to go to  as if I  was  lost and confused. But the thing is, how would I handle the situation? Even if I screamed and blamed it to the man above it would not change the fact that I have a son that has autism. It hurt down inside and  can’t hide it. How I wish we could foreseen  the future or  what he would become and maybe there is a chance to make things right.

So much for helplessness , I was not the one who is suffering from this disorder but my son. Why would I be more affected as if I had already loose  life and gave up. I should not be weaken by the situation , my son hasn’t given up yet. He is fighting and I should have known that there were  more battles  inside of his mind, as if he wanted to get out from it but he can’t.

Just imagine what could have been inside his world. He can’t talk, he can’t express himself to say  the things that  he wants. Imagine how hard   to be in his life, in his situation but  here I am complaining . For him he kept  fighting and continue breathing even if he don’t say it but I knew he doesn’t want me to loose hope either. Every time he smiled at me, I know he is there saying ” I will not give up Dad as long as you never give up on me”.

Keep hope alive in mind

Now I know that I should be strong,  believing that  I am the wall that my son is leaning on.  I cant leave him this way . I must continue searching ,  bring him there to the end line of this suffering and get him live  with a normal life. The question is how there are so many hindrance , so many obstacles . If only I had all the capability of doing everything then my chance of saving my son’s future would be unbounded. But  I am gaining  and not loosing hope , there would be a way somehow because every question has an answer. It’s just a matter of time when.

So, for those people out there who were loosing hope. Feeling so depressed  and don’t know what to do. All I can say is, fight for your child and don’t give up for his sake. Remember that there is always light at the end of the every tunnel. May God bless us all.

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    • Anh Nguyen on July 5, 2016 at 6:44 am
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    I have a few autistic friends, and I understand in a way how hard it is for them to connect to anyone, even their family members.

    Sometimes it’s hard to accept someone with a condition that made them seem somehow “abnormal”. You may feel annoyed by their odd need for stimmings, for example. I really hope we can raise awareness for autistic parents to treat their child with better care and acceptance.

    Thanks for sharing!


  1. Hello Anh,

    Thank you for your nice comment. There is really in need of awareness when it comes to autism. Most parents seems don’t understand what they are dealing with during the early age of their child’s development which we knew that is the most important time. I hope I could write more information and hoping that it could reach and be able to help them. Thanks for your time.

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