The autism evaluation – Medical evaluation


Information needed for evaluation

The more information you can gather  to your doctor or to  the group performing the evaluation,  the more useful and accurate the result of the evaluation will be. The Autism evaluation checklist will be your guide for thorough and useful process of evaluation. When your child does not pass the a screening test and a positive carrier of the disorder (ASD),  the recommendation is to prepare the necessary information that will help your doctor to evaluate your child during your visit.

 The following needed information would help;

Family Medical History Uncovered

  • Videos/ DVDs of your child that will show a certain behaviors you may want the doctor to see.

  • Content of typical medical history  or link to a  medical issues related to your family’s history that will help the doctor in attending your child’s present condition.

  • Bring a copy of your child’s recent evaluation if he is in current therapy. Bring summary of a report if he is attending  Individual Educational program.

  • Gather old medical records like laboratory reports and previous evaluations . Your Child’s growth chart and immunization records are also important to bring.

  • Record of his past behavioral experiences.

If possible, prepare a history of your child’s symptoms as much as you can in order for your doctor can fully understand your concerns. Make a list of issues that your child is currently facing . In this way, the doctor would be able to address all of your child’s issues. Think about your child’s specific behaviors relating to his ability for attention, repetitive behaviors, play skills  and daily functioning skills. knowing your child’s medical history is extremely helpful in solving your child’s medical issues.

A child with autism  obtained from his family not only his physical characteristic but also his possible genetic disorder. Through exploring his family on both sides would help identify your child’s specific needs.  Complete medical evaluation is what your child needs if he was diagnosed with developmental delay or ASD.

The medical evaluation can be done separately from neurodevelopmental evaluation. The child medical history will be reviewed and a physical exam will also perform to identify medical issues that might be a cause of ASD. Also to determine as well if the child has another medical issue associated with the disorder.

Diagnostic profile

The medical evaluation is also use to identify behaviors or illnesses that may be interfering with your child’s development. Basically, taking away one problem will make treatments and interventions for other problem more successful. Relevant topic can be more helpful to better understand your child’s special needs.

A diagnostic profile is a summary of how your child  progress as he walks his way  of growing up. It is not only the highlights how he interacts and learn with others it also explains what development or medical issues or other challenges he would get in his way.

Other essential information can be found in a website where it discuss most of the important issues about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Click here to get your link.

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  1. steve81

    Thank you very much for your great website Cris. Fortunately it is not my case, but I have a couple of friends who have kids who suffer Autism or Asperger, and I know that it can be very hard for the whole family. Even if things have improved quite a lot recently, I believe that this kind of websites can be very useful and helpful for people who want to learn a bit about this helth problems.

    1. Cris Santos

      Hello Steve,
      It is indeed very sad when a parents heard for the first time that their child has autism. Base on my experience I didn’t doubt it. But the only way that can appease the burden that we feel is that our child didn’t choose to be this way. God gave him to us and no matter what he is we should accept and love him. That is the very reason why I created this website. This is for him, Somehow I hope I could help him more. Thank you for your comment.

  2. ariefw

    Oh dear… I never thought about filming the child when a certain behavior occur.

    This is a good idea. Especially when all the smartphones have video recording capability.

    I should remember this idea and share it with my friends. You just can’t explain some things with words. A video will give a complete understanding for a physician to give a full evaluation.

    1. Cris Santos

      Hi ariefw,

      It would be more easy to explain when people watch a certain video and easy to remember. Besides the autism really needs to explain further where it can be seen the actual situation. The video shows how the autism has properly diagnose to a child. The comparison of the two children, one is affected by autism and the other was not. Basically, through video it could easily demonstrate the actual event and the viewer could be easy for them to figure out how the autism was being describe using two children. Thank you for your comment.

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    1. admin

      Thanks for the compliment. I ‘m glad that you found this website useful.

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