The medical treatment for autism- hope for a cure


The power of brain

It takes four (4) years that a brain be stable for a certain actions or behaviors and there are no way to revert or change its course. Neuroscientist have questioned that belief and as the result of their experiment their concluded that the brain after four year is more adjustable or more adaptable than they expected. This page discussed about Treatment for autism children and how it can help proper diagnosis and early intervention.

 The brain is capable of being molded not only to learn but to retrain , to perform different functions as needed. When a child has loss his ability to speak or loss of speech and language, the different areas of his brain can be trained through rehabilitation and hard work. The aim of this objective  is to regenerate these language functions. A similar process can be worked in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Through hard work and creativity with much practice and repetition the treatment can possibly be acquired. A  connectivity in the brain can be encouraged to grow by  targeting social-emotional and sensory- motor functions. The treatment will help and it will significantly improved the lives of the children with ASD.

Early intervention can help

It is  never too late to start especially working on early intervention for each child affected by this disorder. Children would gain development  no matter what age they begin therapeutic intervention. Molding or retraining our brain is something can be done anytime to anybody but definitely learning especially for a  child with ASD should always be supported through out their entire lives.

When a child’s condition was identified and his profile has been established. All of the decisions pertaining to his therapy or any development program should be based on that profile or gathered concluded information. Through identifying the way a child interacts around him by getting and recording  the information when a child has reacted to any sensory activity,  parents can now have a basis on how to assist a situation accordingly.

The child’s profile or evaluation is the main important thing to have to make most out of any treatments. Parents should always be alert at the time that their child has shown any development because this how they would deal  and met the disorder issue.

When the child interacts  and his sensory  skills develop then he should always be met where he is improving mentally.  A parent and child relationship are important at this stage for treatment to succeed.

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    • Tony on April 18, 2016 at 6:36 pm
    • Reply

    Autism can be a tough issue to deal with for parents. When we owned a pre-school we had a young autistic boy in our care so introduced sign language to our programme which enabled him to then communicate as one with the rest of the children who also learnt valuable new skills at the same time.
    I realise it can be a tough battle so good luck with raising your son.

    1. It was really hard on our part as a parents. My wife and I were having difficulty of communicating with our son until now. Sometimes to think about our son’s condition was really depressing. Thinking of what would be his future would give us so much pain. But we love of child no matter what we will be on his side always. Thank you for comment.

    • Allen Adkins on June 14, 2016 at 2:16 am
    • Reply

    Autism is a very tough issue to deal with for parents and the family. When I worked with a young autistic girl in the elementary school I was able to introduce sign language to the staff in which enabled her to be able to communicate as one with the rest of the children. You have to teach children that they are all equal and keep them involved with each other no matter rather they have autism or not. I know its hard to realize your child has autism but they are so special and unique and when you work with him and show love and structure you will see a difference. I loved working with those children and seeing the smile on their face when they did do something amazing to them. Keep up the great work

    1. Hello Allen,
      It was a pleasure reading your nice comment. Thank you for your time when you share about what you think and believe. Just don’t get tired of helping out children especially those who really needs attention and support. Kindly share this information and let me know if I could be of help especially to parents that has special child who needs help and understanding.

    • Cassia on December 8, 2016 at 8:54 am
    • Reply

    Thank you for sharing this article. I like what you wrote that molding or retraining our brain is something that can be done anytime to anybody. I know of someone who needs this right now. I believe that this could be difficult but not impossible. As you have shared, the important factors are involvement, observation and relationship.

    1. Hello Cassia,
      So many children with autism that really need help and financial support. Getting a therapy for a child with autism is really a burden, an expensive visit to the clinic from time to time can cause a fortune, even with a health insurance it is still financially hurt. Many parents could not afford to pay for a therapy that their children needed because of low income and some of them are living with pay check to pay check. Their highly concern first are to provide food and shelter for their family and if there is an excess money it would not be enough to pay for their child’s therapy. I hope that someday that no matter what the living standard of a family there will be a room for a child to get help he needed. Thank you for comment.

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