The Peg Board Set- Occupational Therapy fine motor skills for Children


Product :  Peg Board Set Review – Montessori Occupational Therapy Fine Motor Toy for Toddlers and Preschoolers by Skoolzy
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My rating : 9 out of 10

Play and Learn

Play and learn

The next review that you will read is about the Peg Board Set Review Toy  especially designed for special in need children. This kind of toy is great for building fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and making patterns. It develop and strengthen visual perception skills, color recognition and learning of basic math skills like adding and subtracting.

Your child would love playing with it because of attractive colors and its shape is safe for them because it doesn’t have sharp edges all around it. They  would be happy to play with it  and it will completely absorbed their attention. The best thing about this toy is,  children would learn and develop their  sensory motor system.

The inability to process sensory information or having a delayed response is what happen to a child with ASD. Appropriate responses to sensory stimulation should learn and one basic step is to stimulate their motor skills.

Motor skills and other sensory inputs

Moreover, Motor Skills have different types of sensory inputs such as vision, hearing, taste, touch,  proprioception (feedback we get from our muscles and joints) and interoception (from internal organs).  Motor pathways also found in the brain. Stimulates the nerves and spinal cord so that the muscles will move in appropriate response.

The awesome part about this toy is that your child will learn and they will not even notice it as they play. The Peg set are made in good quality and it followed a simple instructions for the parents to read.  It is not too big and not too small either. It even comes with a bag where your child can put up the toy after playing. It is very nice colorful toy and it will surely snatch your child’s fastidious manner in choosing a toy.

 It will  surely work on  improving your child’s hand-eye coordination and wrist movements. If you have more information to make this review more helpful, please feel free to send your ideas or suggestion by clicking Leave comment below. Thank you for your time.


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