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When a child was diagnosed  with autism it is somewhat hard for a parents to think what would be the next step. You wish there are guidelines ready to follow on what to do next. Having that diagnosis inserted into your mind by your  child’s doctor made you even more confused and worried at the same time .

A question quick lies ahead ” Is there a cure” and if there is what is the first step. This page about Information resources for Autism will simply guide its reader to most explicit website available online providing information about autism and other disabilities.  Below are the following few sources of information from a group of people who manage to contribute their time and effort to help parents and children in dealing with autism spectrum disorder.


Web Information Resources



      National Autism Resources Inc. is a global leader in providing cost effective, research based therapeutic tools that meet the needs of people on the autism spectrum across their lifespan since 2008. Their  tools and adaptive technologies work together to improve skills and significantly decrease impairment. They  provide school districts, hospitals, therapy centers and family members of the autism community with proven tools that improve the independence and quality of life for people on the autism spectrum.

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    An organization which is founded in 2005 by Bob and Suzanne Wright. They are grandparent of a child that has autism. This organization is dedicated to provide autism awareness and support for the need of individuals with autism.


    Their mission is to provide high quality teaching tools for children with autism, Asperger’s syndrome and  nonverbal learning disorder. To view more about Model Me kids please click here.




    The Community Parent and Resource Center (CPRC) offers support and training to parents of children with disabilities. Families who had disability often seek for more information about the disability of their children.


    A families guide to autism. This website offers general information on Autism Spectrum Disorder including large quantity of books about autism. They also provide assistance through their cyber parental support group.


    A large number of information are available in this website. It discuss primarily the autism disorder , the treatment and the diagnosis. They help people gain more public awareness about the autism spectrum issues and also they provide latest information regarding treatment, education and research.


    It’s a group of nine colleagues who have worked together to publish books mostly about children’s disabilities. Most of them have some personal experience with children that has special needs.

  •  Amazon Toys and Books for Special Child

    You can choose lots of products that supports early intervention and improving the sensory needs of a special child. Toys and books that can help children with autism and other disabilities.


    Social Security claims on the basis of Autism. If a child is under 18 years old he or she may be qualified for a Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for low income family and for over 18 years old  and have autism , he or she may be qualified for either Social Security Disability (SSDI/SSD) benefits or SSI benefits under the Social Security Act.



  • : Most of the products are develop to use for autistic children, even information from books are also available in this website. The website is designed and only intended to help those children suffering from autism disorder.

  • Understanding Sensory Dysfunction : Learning, Development and Sensory Dysfunction in Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Learning Disabilities and Bipolar Disorder, By Polly Godwin Emmons and Liz McKendry Anderson, publishers , 2004.

    A detailed overview of contributing factors and behavioral associated sensory dysfunction as it appear in autism spectrum disorder. It includes assessment including list of useful tools and helpful activities for parents and teachers.


  • Engaging Autism :  Helping Children relate, communicate and think with the DIR  Floor time approach by Stanley I. Greenspan, MD, and Serena Wielder, PhD. DaCapo Press, 2006.

    This volume explains the DIR/floor time Model of playing with an autistic child in order to teach social interaction and communication skills.

  • Helping children with Autism  Learn: Treatment approaches for parents and professionals by Bryna Siegel, Phd , Oxford University Press 2003

    Identifying the myriad challenges children on the spectrum can face, This book offers dedicated chapters on specific learning    differences ,  providing a guide for development of the best education plan for the individual learner. 

        For other source of Autism informative books, toys and sensory needs of your child please  Click here.





    • Kathy on January 8, 2017 at 9:19 pm
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    You have certainly taken a great deal of time and energy to search out and collect all of these resources! Autism Awareness is an important topic to discuss. I was a teacher, and I would spend hours trying to search out and find information for some of my students’ parents. It’s nice to have found your site where everything is all in one place. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hello Kathy,

      Thank you for having your comment here. Looking for information is certainly would spend time especially if it’s not what we always heard and seen in the news. Information we have plays an important role in our daily activities. Thank you again for reading.

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