What is Atypical Autism?- resemble Asperger’s syndrome


What is Atypical Autism?

Atypical autism is   commonly used to described a child whose symptoms resemble Asperger’s syndrome, but in reality it doesn’t meet the whole criteria, such as a behavior of a child with extreme obsessions but also has severe speech delay. It is also apply to people that has mix of normal features and autistic like behavior.

It is a mix concept of a features  like having an ordinary or regular behavior that a person should  have plus the non-ordinary behavior of an autism such as tantrum behavior and  stereotypic movements.

Most often it shows that the diagnosis of one child is not going to be in one direction. Always the possibilities typically  considered in all areas of behavioral disorder. Usually when the doctors cannot find the result of the diagnosis where it is rightfully fits then guessing sometimes place a name as  atypical autism. The most frustrating part of the situation is when the  diagnosis is unsure and far from true diagnosis.

This Atypical autism are sometime can consider as largely invisible and the behavior issue of the child shifts constantly. A child may show improvement in a few weeks but eventually would change behavior and many people would think that the child was just poorly disciplined or out of control.

In other words the behavioral issue of this atypical autism can resemble to roller coaster that never ends. When the diagnosis is not fully defined and the criteria of an autism was not met, then the word ” Atypical Autism” or ” Atypical PPD are used interchangeably by some diagnosticians.


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