Why do vaccines cause Autism?- what people should know


Toxins overload inside our immune system

A human body can perform a whole lot better with least amount of toxins. An overload toxins lingering in our minds and bodies could cause damage in our Immune System. Everybody has certain capacity to get rid of poison in their body. It would be wise not to exceed the limit or the capacity of our  Immune System but why do vaccines cause Autism?

Our Body cannot  withstand excessive or overload toxins it will cause recurrent ear  and sinus infections. But that is only 20 percent of the immune system. What about the other 80 percent which involves gastrointestinal tract.

It is not surprisingly to know that chronic diarrhea, chronic constipation and recurrent abdominal pain are common signs of damaged immune system. Toxins could modify our immune system and the result could be better or worst.

Moreover, we could say that toxins  certainly impacts the body’s defense system just imagine what it can do to our children’s health. Infants are the closest candidate to exposure. One of the toxins that we should avoid is  Mercury. It is one of the most toxic substances known  to man.

Mercury exposure causes serious vascular damage

It is one of those things that is always used as preservatives. Researchers found serious vascular damage from mercury exposure, this test was concluded  in 1938. So giving a small amount of mercury in the form of flu shot to people  doesn’t make sense knowing the  affect or aftermath of this toxin.

Presence of Mercury in one part of the brain can cause limited growing  while other parts are growing rapidly. This explains why we have variation result to our children with Autism. Doctors and reporters have said that Mercury was completely removed out of vaccines since it became a big issue. But many believes that it was not completely removed but reduced. A lessened deadly toxin is still a deadly toxin. It will take only small amount of Mercury to do damage.

Mercury is like a magnet that has an attraction to  brain tissue, even a small amount can be easily end up in the brain. Mercury drawn to an areas where there is an intense growth or metabolism. The brain of a growing infants certainly meet this requirement.

Personal life experience

I still remember when my son was almost 3  years old. I heard him saying few words. He begun uttering words that we could not understand but we knew he was on his way of trying to communicate. After several months we had seen  changed in him,  the change was not about seeing him improving his speech but it became worst. Words that we normally heard from him were gone. We no longer hear those familiar words from him anymore.

I told my wife, it was probably  the vaccine that our  son received a few months  ago. It seems that his mental development has been hampered by this vaccine. We wanted to file a complain but we don’t have hard evidence. Then we found out that the issue of  ASD and Toxins has been in the stage of controversy for quite sometime . The issue was particularly about the infant vaccines and the its role in the development of ASD. Targeted in the debate are the Mercury- containing substances( in the form of thimerosal)  in vaccines.

The Mercury theory suggest that a mercury containing preservatives in vaccines may have caused the increased in the number of children with ASD. A mercury can cross the blood brain barrier into an infant’s brain where the result would be toxic. This appears reasonable that the methylmercury poisoning has a symptoms resembling autism.autism vaccine 2

However, there is no published evidence from scientific studies of increased in Mercury in children with ASD. The lack of evidence proving a link between an increase of ASD with thimerosal containing vaccines makes this theory most likely useless. But we as a parents should continue investigating. The only weapon we can use to protect them is our knowledge, if we know how.

Your choice on how to protect your child

In reality when it comes to immunization it is like a game of chance. If you immunize your child there is a potential risks. But if you don’t immunize your child, there are definite risk.

Therefore, the last decision would be from the parents. Whatever  would be our actions concerning our children, we ought to be careful. Ask first and make a research before we decide. If there are any comment and suggestion, kindly click leave comment below and I would reply at earliest time possible.

For other source of information about Autism, toys and advice please click here.


What the Doctor hasn't told you about Vaccinations

What the Doctor hasn’t told you about Vaccinations


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    • NemiraB on April 17, 2016 at 8:59 pm
    • Reply

    Hello here, I see that you in your article touched the sensitive topic. I think that you do a great job when you educate people about cons and pros of vaccines.
    I wonder how statistics looked few decades ago. I did not remember autistic children around.
    I heard about autism from Jenny McCarthy when she started to talk about this problem.
    I know one herbalist in Europe. She is against vaccines and she never let her children have it. Now her children are adults and have children on their own. All families are healthy and sound.
    Our immune system is the best weapon against diseases. Organic food, safe environment, exercises help us to stay in shape.
    All the best to you, doing a great job when you spread awareness about vaccines.

    1. Hi there, thanks for leaving comment on that certain topic that I posted. There are lots of issues going on about those available vaccines for our children. Many cases about autism are reported each year. The question how safe are those vaccines given to our children. I have a son who has diagnosed with autism and he is 11 yrs old already. A friend of mine who happen to have a son with the same age and he is also suffering with the same disorder. I don’t want to link the situation together but every suspicious would probably be thought many times and considered acceptable question against this vaccines. I hope that this post would create awareness to all parents out there. Please visit National Autism Resources for more information, advice and help to develop the child’s sensory needs.

    • PierreAlex on December 2, 2016 at 4:31 am
    • Reply

    I remember when I was a kid we’d pretend making “potions” out of anything we could find to conjure spells like sorcerers in the backyard at home. Of course, when we deemed the potion ready somebody had to taste it. My parents were against vaccination so I guess that is how I managed to build a strong immune system because I seldom fall ill. In the past decade, I had runny noses and hangovers, that pretty much as sick as I get.

    I think you are an honest bearer of truth. It’s very important that your info spreads out like an epidemic 😉 so we can slowly change our vision about what is healthy and what is not. The doctors don’t need to have all the answers.

    1. Hello PierreAlex,

      Thank you for writing your comment and your point of view regarding the issue. It is sad to think about what is happening to our children’s health. This kind of disorder really affects their future, not only them but their parents as well.

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